Growth/Check yourself!

Getting older, I’m starting to realize… you ain’t grown til you can check your own toxic ways of thinking and behavior. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta check yourself. It’s simply called growth. This time last year, I reacted differently to things than I would today. While no one is perfect, and yes, I still struggle, (pride I suppose) I know now… not everything needs a response, retaliation, and/or argument, or to take up space in my mind. As you get older, you learn to accept things that are out of your control, rather than make a fuss when things don’t go your way. You learn that sometimes, your own way of thinking can be your own worst enemy. You start to be able to check yourself when you’re thinking that negative thought, or when you find yourself getting upset about something that’s out of your power, or when you feel that urge to dish out your own version of Karma to someone who’s wronged you.  But I think the most important is being able to check yourself when you’re wrong, and when you are actually the toxic person. *shrug* With time, we grow. 💕

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