Just some flaws?

I changed my clothes like three times today because I didn’t like my rolls and belly and whatnot. Wonder why that can be the first thing we spot out when we look in the mirror- a “flaw”, or something we dislike.

I follow plenty women with not-so flat bellies, stretch marks, rolls and thighs that rub… women like me. And I go, wow, she’s beautiful. But for some reason, I loathe loathe my own belly, rolls and stretch marks. For the life of me, I can’t really explain why? What’s the difference from mine and any other? And why the need to compare anyway?

I forget, sometimes that there is no one else like me walking this earth. So, who’s to say that this exact body, mind, voice, hair, or whatever else that comes with me, is anything but perfect and exactly the way I should be?

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