…But how are you mentally?

So, recent experiences have got me to thinking about mental health & how important a healthy mental state actually is. I’ve come across so much info online about the human brain, how it reacts to certain traumas, and how important a proper nurturing upbringing is. I hadn’t exactly ever taken the time to think about it. Never thought about WHY people (myself included) are the way they are. It’s fascinating to me, all the different personalities in the world, how they can differ so much, and how they manifest.

I’m a firm believer… we all should designate at least four days a month for mental health. Whatever you have to do to take a break from all the stressors in life, I say take one day a week to disconnect from it and relax. (Sometimes something as simple as turning off your phone for a hour of quiet goes a long way- trust me I know).

Also… you never know what internal battles someone you may see every day is facing. Or what kind of mental state they are in. You never know, how one compliment to a stranger might just make their day.

Check on your “strong” friends. Tell someone you love them. Give a hug. ๐Ÿ’•

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