Color wars.

There is suppose to be some kind of KKK rally down here (DC) this weekend. I have to go to work right in the middle of that shit. I wonder what they are coming to protest? Their anger for their people bringing my people here against their will all those years ago? Maybe they are mad because 12 haven’t killed enough of us? Like… WHAT?!???? LOL I would like to really sit down with one of them and ask, “so… why are you mad, bro?” What exactly were these people taught as kids? Did their parents actually tell them to hate black people? I wonder if any of their kids ever asked ‘but why?’ when they are being taught that bullshit. I can’t really think of one reason for all the hate… I suppose we are a beautiful people though. I really want to say more, but then I may as well wear a white hood too. (Well, mine would be black but, y’all feel me)

Dumb ass people all fail to realize, that one way or the other we WILL HAVE TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET TOGETHER.

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