Speak your piece and go.

I hope nothing bad happens today down here during his rally. Protest? Unpeaceful gathering? Whatever the fuck we want to call the KKK parade down DC today. I heard that some places are suppose to be refusing service to white supremacists. Good for them, as they should. I can’t believe I’m actually having to write this in 2018.

KKK… white supremacy….? We shouldn’t even be discussing that. Shouldn’t be still WORRIED about it. *sigh*

At this rate, we will never really be united. Cause and effect makes it worse.

The cause for example=one police killing…. The effect= angry black people reminded of a time this was… (I was actually going to say a time this was okay, but apparently it’s always been ok)


The cause= a fucking KKK rally down here….The effect= more angry black people… ready to defend themselves if need be… continuing on the divide between us, and perhaps rightfully so… but you get my drift.

So where does it all end? Or will it end, ever?

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