I dont really have a direction I want to go with this post. I guess this is mostly just to complain lol…Its gonna be a random rambling basically… but…

I didn’t sign up for all this ADULTING business. First of all? I use to countdown the DAYS til I turned 18. Just knew I was grown then! What I didn’t consider was all it takes to actually be a grown up. I mean, bills, credit, housing… you gotta buy your own food and shit. You start realizing that there really is food in the house like yo parents use to tell you when you wanted to stop for fast food. Then there’s transportation, getting and keeping a job. Getting and keeping a job WITHOUT losing it, due to fuckery ON that job… did I say bills lol? Obligations on obligations…


Anyway. At almost thirty, I long for the days when my mother just handled everything. I was hungry? No worries, there’s food, thanks to Ma. Lights on, water running… and back then I really didn’t realize how much that means! I sometimes wonder how the more… eh… adulty adults got there? Like what age do you have your life together?? Sixty? Seems about right. And how do you know when you’ve got it all together? Are there just levels to this adulting stuff? I dunno…

Like I said, I have no point here lol. But I am about to tell my mother thank you again, because this stuff is hard lol

1 thought on “Adulting…?”

  1. I’m glad you have enough pragmatism and humility to appreciate your mother for providing for you. I feel that our generation always felt like we never got it together fast enough cuz we were using an outdated hand me down system of autonomy and self determination inherited from our parents. And that system was obsolete back when they used it.
    In hindsight, most of our parents didn’t “have it together” until we were in high school or college (if at all). We were just too young and naive of reality to realize it at the time. I think a lot of the issue is the pathological inheritance of obsolete sociological constructs for financial/social/psychological security. We’re taught methods that don’t reflect current trends and issues, and get chastised by society for being failures.
    It took me till I was 25 to realize that, and ever since, I’ve decided to do my own field research on what’s best for me. It’s tough to truly take your own trajectory into your own hands, cuz you don’t have the comfort of blaming society for your failures. But at the same time, I sleep much easier knowing I’m the cause of my problems; cuz it also means I’m the solution.

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